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Parcel Vanished

I made a purchase from the online retailer SIZE? and bought a pair of NIKE AIR 720 and it was supposed to be delivered by the courier company HERMES, wow I have been tracking the parcel until Saturday midday it vanished, so I contacted HERMES, who send me a bullshit, email but untop of that… Read More »

do not use Hermes

I am loosing the will to live this company is expert in all the wrong areas ,trying to resolve a problem has never been harder, try speaking to somebody–.I have wasted to much of my life trying to find out what has happened to my parcel ,and so has the retailer,  all the phone options… Read More »

Lost car seat

I ordered a car seat from Ebay, it was an expensive one and I desperately need it for the beginning of August. It’s been posted on the 4th of July with extra insurance. After 18 days the status is still “entered  Hermes network”. The claim has been filled, but it will take another 14 days… Read More »

a whole year of returned goods

Since having a new Hermes delivery driver over a year ago, every single parcel that is sent to me via Hermes, has been returned.  Simply stating they could not get to my address.   There is no reason, other than living in the countryside.  I have complained more than 10 times but receive the same rubbish… Read More »

Lost Reception

I ordered a Gameboy Advance off of ebay. I got a notice a few days later saying it would arrive that day in the afternoon. I was pretty excited, because it had come quick. I knew I was going to be out for part of the afternoon, so I gave a neighbor’s flat number just… Read More »

Missed delivery/no contact number

Hi My local courier tried and failed 3 delivery attempts each time leaving no contacting number,I contacted myhermes support and each time they sided with the courier are in the process of returning my parcel to sender. I even pinned a note to my door but the courier still ignored and posted final card with… Read More »