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An email has just been passed round to customers and people are fuming because of a change in costs, err wait, hang on, its a REDUCTION in costs – yes you’ve read that right a REDUCTION… Read On… Parcel Cover Changes – [08/01/2017] We wanted to make you aware of changes to our parcel cover… Read More »

Jamie C

Get sharing. This is how myhermes deliver parcels. Avoid them and parcel2go if you want it delivered in 1 piece #myhermes #parcel2go

Eternal Magpie (FaceBook)

How come every other parcel carrier in the United Kingdom (even Yodel!) has responded to this notice by walking the thirty yards down the garden to my shed and delivering the parcel, but MyHermes has responded by taking it to my neighbour’s house?! 😡
#bloodyuseless #myhermes #notimpressed #terribleservice

Mum told to stop shopping by Hermes Driver

@myhermes do you really think this is the sort of message you should be sending out??? Is it really any business — Kim Thursfield (@kimaragrant) July 18, 2016 MORE ON THIS STORY AT THE METRO…