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Slipping Standards Within Hermes

We have successfully used Hermes over the years with a very pleasant courier. However, recent experience has been dreadful. Over the last three days I have been trying to communicate with Hermes at local level but have been unsuccessful due to little information in where or who to contact. Tracking 5772775346597815 should have been delivered… Read More »

Collection Reciept

Hermes local courier delivered a parcel and collected a parcel for return to Debenhams at the same time. Debenhams are claiming that it hasn’t been received. I have been trying to obtain the proof of collection from Hermes. I know the date and time that it was collected, surely this should be available?

A bunch of liars!

First, you have failed to deliver my parcel on time, yet again. For the millionth time. I paid for next-day delivery, but Hermes has failed to deliver my parcel. No surprise here! This time it was an ASOS parcel, but last time it as Topman, and before that it was ASOS again. And I have… Read More »

Untrustworthy Delivery

I booked to send three boxes from my friend’s home in London UK to me in Marseille France this July. The addresses are clear and both mobile numbers for the collection and the delivery were added for the contact. The parcels were collected on 29th July, and the “out for delivery” was updated to the… Read More »

non delivery of parcel

ordered something online. chased it up as thought it seemed a long time. Hermes have had parcel since 15th Sept but now cant find it. They sent me an email asking me it looked like. I said I don’t know as you have not delivered it!! Complained to company that I have purchased item from.… Read More »

impossible to contact

I am only trying to find the whereabouts of a parcel I returned to a retailer. It is nearly 2 weeks since I dropped it off at a parcel shop and the tracker has gone quiet for over a week. The web says to contact the customer services team. This number says to email or… Read More »

Fell off the back of a lorry?

Ordered a KingSize Bed headboard. Advised it would arrive 29/09/19 by 20:00 Wasted all day waiting on the delivery and still no-show Chased the supplier and told item was lost in Transit. How do you lose something the size of a 5′ headboard (even in a transit) and what use is an ETA of 20:00?… Read More »

Delivery, but not to my address!

Sat around waiting for the delivery, no knock at door, no ring of the doorbell. Get an email alert to say it was delivered! No card through the letterbox. Literally a squiggle as the signature on the site, so it could be anyone. So, nothing to show for an apparently stolen box of craft supplies.… Read More »

Signature fraud

In the UK report anyone faking your signature to Action Fraud. A Hermes delivery driver gave me my parcel and walked off with a wave. I got an email saying it had been signed for. I didn’t sign for it. I look on the Hermes website for my parcel, there’s a signature, it looks… Read More »

Parcel left in Wheelie Bin

I had a delivery today and the driver left it in my wheelie bin!!  Point 1.  What if it had been bin day?  Point 2.  I have dogs and my bin has their waste in it that I have cleared up – just where I want a parcel to be left!!