An absolute classic

By | December 30, 2018

 Akash Dhasade: Hi, my name is Akash Dhasade. How may I help you?
 Daniel PayneHi Akash, I ordered a parcel a few days ago with ASOS, but the system has tried to deliver it to the wrong address. The parcel is currently with a courier, but I just need to let them know of the correct address to deliver the parcel to. They will not be able to deliver the parcel to the address currently being attempted, as the vicinity is vacant for the next week or so (it is a University Building so no one is inside during the Christmas holidays). 
 Akash DhasadeI will surely check the current status of your parcel.
 Akash Dhasade
Could you please help me with the 16 digit tracking number so that I can look into this

 Daniel PayneThe tracking number is 0818888408XXXX87, the attempted delivery address is XXXXXXXX, XXXX, XXX XXX, and the address it needs to be delivered to is 32 XXXXXX XXXX, XXXX XXX
 Akash DhasadeThank you for the details.
 Daniel PayneThe package has already failed to be delivered once, and they said the Hermes courier will try again tomorrow. All that needs to be done is the courier deliver it to XXXXXX XXXX instead of XXXXXXX tomorrow. 
 Akash DhasadeI’ve checked the details and see that the parcel is from the retailer that is from ASOS.
 Daniel PayneYes the parcel is from ASOS.
 Akash DhasadeI’d love to make the changes for you but because the retailer has given us this address we can only change it if they contact us with the new one. So if you can let them know of the details, we’ll get it changed as soon as they let us know.
 Daniel PayneI have tried that three times, each time they say they absolutely cannot contact you (I don’t know why). 
 Daniel PayneBecause it is my parcel though, could you please try and reroute it? Otherwise your drive is just going to fail to deliver the parcel twice more, and then have to return the parcel, which is a waste of everyone’s time (especially yours!)
 Akash DhasadeDaniel, as this is retailer parcel, we can not change the delivery address because of contractual reasons with the retailer.
 Daniel PayneHow can this be the correct system? The parcel will literally just fail to get delivered twice more, when I am telling you the address is wrong. You also won’t let me cancel my order so I can speed the process up and just reorder the same things. Is there no way anyone can change the address? 
 Akash DhasadeDaniel, the address for your parcel can only be changed if the retailer will contact us regarding the same.
 Daniel PayneRight I’m going to phone ASOS (for the fourth time), please stay on the line. 
 Daniel PayneThank you for your assistance. 
 Akash DhasadeYou’re welcome. 
 Daniel PayneI am on the phone to ASOS and they said they have absolutely no contact with you at all once the once is made. Please change the address of my parcel.
 Akash DhasadeI am sorry, the address for your parcel can only be changed if the retailer will contact us regarding the same.
 Akash Dhasade
Is there anything else apart from this I may assist you with? 

 Daniel PayneThat makes absolutely no sense. They say they never contact you, and you can’t change the address without them contacting you? So how on Earth do you change anything if you require contact from them, and they refuse to contact you?!
 Daniel PayneLiterally this makes absolutely no sense, if anything I am trying to save your company time and money, because your courier is going to attempt to deliver a parcel twice more to an address where no one will be. 
 Daniel PayneI’m on the phone to ASOS and they say the information you are providing is incorrect, and they do not need to contact you to change the location of my parcel now that it is with a Hermes courier. 
 Daniel PayneI can provide you with full identification that I placed the order, if necessary, to demonstrate I am happy for the order to be rerouted. 
 Akash DhasadePlease stay connected while I am checking the details
 Daniel PayneThank you Akash. 
 Akash DhasadeI’ve checked the details and see that the courier working for the two post codes you have provided are different so we can not re-route the parcel.
 Daniel PayneCan you either cancel my order immediately then, or send it to a courier within my postcode bracket?
 Daniel PayneInstead of wasting time everyone’s time by trying to deliver it twice to the wrong address.
 Akash DhasadeDaniel, I can send a message to the courier to not to deliver the parcel and return the same to the sender.
 Daniel PayneSo you can ask the courier to not deliver the parcel, and return it to ASOS?
 Daniel PayneWill I get a full refund?
 Akash DhasadeYes Daniel, once the parcel will be received by the retailer they will process refund for your parcel.
 Akash Dhasade
Is there anything else apart from this I may assist you with? 

 Daniel PayneOkay please can you do that immediately.
 Daniel PayneNo I require nothing else, apologies for being short with you, I understand it’s not your fault, but I’ve spent 3 hours trying to resolve this issue. 
 Daniel PayneAnd the system seems royally messed up.
 Daniel PayneMany thanks for your assistance in this process.
 Akash DhasadeYou’re welcome. Thank you for contacting us at Hermes and have a blessed time ahead.