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As crowdfunding is the buzzword at the moment – Let’s get set up our own to set up a class action suit.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

class actionclass suit, or representative action is a type of lawsuitwhere one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. The class action originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon, but Canada, as well as several European countries with civil law have made changes in recent years to allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of consumers.

my contact with my hermes – they are stealing our time…

Because of the experience I had with myhermes where courier stole my parcel – I feel powerless other than to write this article

You failed before and I don’t care what you do internally, it’s the customer who should feel that there is a satisfactory conclusion as well as company. I quote from you ‘Having looked into your complaint I am aware that you did raise a previous complaint with us back in September 2017 regarding a disputed delivery. I recall that an investigation took place and the relevant actions were taken internally’ My reply – Hi Jessica With regards to the last complaint, I still remember that there was not a satisfactory resolution on my part. I never received the goods in that instance. Did you ever retrieve them from the MyHermes courier who stole them?  I also remember you telling me that there was no more you could do for me and that you could not resolve the issue.   So I am really uncertain that other than a swift response what other help you will offer with this issue.  Yours is the only company that cannot deliver to me without issue.  Please clarify the senders details and the address that was on the parcel.   I should have before but from now on will request sellers to disclose the courier company they are using before making any purchases in future. And will buy elsewhere if it is MyHermes

As a business owner I hate having to stop and waste time chasing something that should have been so easily accomplished. But when I receive email notification that the parcel has arrived and was signed for by me? When it clearly wasn’t, my only redress is to let as many people as possible to avoid using this company. Not only do my goods get stolen (as previously). So to with my time, getting involved in doing the detective work for you.

It says a lot that someone has actually created a website for all the customers who have problems with your service.

Contact CEO My Hermes – Chief Executive

‘time is like a bank account that you can only make withdrawals from’ in this case I feel like my goods my time has been stolen too…