courier just doesn’t turn up. customer service full of formulaic platitudes but actually no help

By | December 22, 2017

cut and paste  of today’s webchat

Status: Disconnected
 Imran I Khan: Hi, my name is Imran I Khan. How may I help you?
 Caroline Nixon: hi
 Caroline Nixon: parcel number 5635886253212385
 Imran I Khan: I’ll just check this for you now.
 Caroline Nixon: I requested courier to collect on tuesday. i was told he’d come wednesday. he didn’t show up. i contacted you wed, you said thurs- he didn’t show up yesteray you said it would be ‘ escalated’ The courier still hasn’t shown up. This is disgraceful. Have you contacted him? Is he coming today? I don’t want to know it has been ‘ requested’ I want to know he is actually coming. I am very angry, with good reason I am disabled- please don’t tell me ( again) to go to the parcel shop
 Imran I Khan: I apologise for the inconvenience.
 Imran I Khan: It’ll take me a few minutes to look into this for you but I’ll be as quick as I can.
 Caroline Nixon: I don’t want any more apologies, I want the courier to arrive today
 Imran I Khan: I’ll check this right away.
 Caroline Nixon: thank you
 Imran I Khan: Could you please also provide collection address?
 Caroline Nixon: little barn vicarage lanr long compton cv365lh
 Imran I Khan: Thanks, I’ll check this right away.
 Imran I Khan: I’m so sorry, it’s just taking a little longer than I expected but your patience is appreciated.
 Caroline Nixon: ok
 Imran I Khan: Thanks.
 Imran I Khan: I am sorry it is taking long and I request you to please allow longer.
 Caroline Nixon: ok
 Imran I Khan: Thank You, Caroline.
 Imran I Khan: Thanks for waiting. They have advised that the parcel will be collected today before 8 PM.
 Caroline Nixon: definitely? guaranteed? have you actually made contact with the courier to be sure of this?
 Imran I Khan: We have a designated team for that and they have contacted the service provider and was advised to wait till 8 PM for collection.
 Caroline Nixon: This item is something that I have sold, and the buyer will cancel the sale if it isn’t picked up tonight. If I lose the sale I will claim the loss from hermes and if necessary I will take legal action. How sure are you that it will be collected today?
 Imran I Khan: They have advised me that it will be collected today.
 Caroline Nixon: that is what you told me on wednesday and on thursday. How can I be sure?
 Imran I Khan: If you cannot allow until 8 PM then I can only advise you to cancel and rebook.
 Caroline Nixon: that is useless and insulting advice.How will that help? I can allow till 8 pm, but it MUST be today
 Imran I Khan: Is there anything else I can help you with, Caroline?
 Caroline Nixon: no, just get the courier here today
 Imran I Khan: Thank you for contacting us at myHermes, have a good day!
 Imran I Khan has disconnected.