delivery complaint

By | December 30, 2018

I would like to address a complaint, because I am very unhappy with the delivery service of Hermes company. I will include the incidence numbers I also have so you can access to it: 181126-029894 and 181126-012441
I am expecting two parcels which were supposed to be delivered during the past few days. During my day off which was on Monday the 26th of November I was notified that I would have them delivered between 15:00 and 17:00h. I never had any call, door bell ring or a delivery notice in my post box. When I tracked the parcels it said that they tried to deliver at 15:18h. How is this possible if no one came?
I sent a query email (incidence number: 181126-012441) in which I was responded that the courier can only come during the available time and my query was ended.
I did not agree with the response because I was not mentioned if the courier came at all which did not happen. I opened another query with incidence number 181126-029894 where I was told: ‘Our service provider has been unable to deliver your parcel as they have been unable to get access to your address.’
I do not understand how is this possible if there is a door bell and everyone can ring? Or no one did even try on the day?
I tried to find a helpline number online so I can speak to someone, after that been unsuccessful to get in touch with an operator I also tried life chat where they said that I need to contact the correct department and that they can not provide me with a helpline number I found your email.
Would you please be able to help me?
I has been a horrible experience with Hermes and I just want to receive the parcel. I could not be at home any other day to receive them because I am working and I can not receive anything at work because it is not permitted. During my only day off the parcels were not delivered and now I need to change the delivery address to a friends work place so they can receive them for me. Please let me know how I can do that be reassured that I can finally receive the parcel after all this unpleasant experience.
There are two parcels with UK delivery and tracking numbers of: 7832290082776584 and 7832290398242186.

Kind regards,

Polina Hidzheva