Enough is enough

By | June 17, 2018

To whom it may concern,

I am really sorry to have to write this letter because it means you have wasted a few of my days again. Every experience I had with Hermes lead to frustration, delay at work, lost of earnings and other horrible experience due to Hermes unreliability and misleading information.
It is a nightmare to deal with you every time.
There is no way to talk to customer service when the parcels go missing or are delayed.
Hermes are always late.
Hermes never let us know on time when Hermes suddenly change their mind and decide not to deliver or deliver when you said you weren’t, or/and delivering at a different time than the one you have provided.
Hermes did leave 2 cards this time saying the parcel is inside the garden, so that means you have illegally enter our property. There is a 3 meters wall to be climbed to access the garden.
The card Hermes left said: the parcel was left inside the garden. Is not there.
You keep saying you are about to deliver the parcel and is always wrong.
I could go forever with a list of horror experiences with Hermes deliveries.
Please do us a favor, get it together or close the business.
It is the worst company I have ever come across by far far far.
So sorry to have to write these words, but I truly detest every experience I had with Hermes.
Is there anyway I can’t prevent Hermes from delivering any goods to my address?
Is there a list of people that has banned you before and forever? I really wish I could join that list, truly.
Kind regards,
I got 5 pieces of information for the same parcel, which one shall I believe.
1. The company who is sending this parcel said they don’t know the whereabouts of this parcel and they are waiting from an update. Is it lost?
2. Hermes yesterday stated on their website the parcel was going to be deliver today, not yesterday when it was expected.
3. The 2 cards left, that says the parcel is in my garden, who, how and why they enter the property without permission. The parcel is not there.
4. Today the website says the parcel is going to be deliver today.
5. The adviser at the chat said the parcel will be deliver in 2 days.
Which one do I ha ve to believe?