Football Practice With My Parcel

By | May 20, 2017

I ordered a bottle of Peptac Liquid from eBay.

I received it no problem and the package looked good and well packed.  Indeed it was well packed and as I proceeded to open the package (which was as dry as a bone on the outside) it spewed out thick pink liquid all over me. I knew what had happened and obviously the bottle was broken. It would take some breaking of one of these bottles but I started to open the inner package as it was so well packed it took some time to cut through the bubble wrap. Once I had cut through (now soaking wet with peptac Liquid) the inner package I was greeted with a shard of glass in my finger (OUCH!!).

Finger was not too bad and almost like doing a blood test on myself for sugar tests, so no problems really but could have been worse. The bottle was in so many pieces and looked like an old steam roller had driven over it or maybe it had been used for football practice in one of the Hermes sorting facilities???

It has 100% been abused and thrown about and I would say even jumped on a few times as they must have known it had broken because breaking glass is a unique noise even through bubble wrap.

After waiting in a queue on the live chat (waste of time) channel and waiting longer than 45 minutes but determined to talk to someone about this, I decided to wait no matter how long it would take. Eventually I got someone and I could not remember his name but was something like “Japinoplypoopy Chingoobub” but was nice to have someone to chat to after such a long wait. I asked if was ok for me to call him Japin for short and he was ok with that so I called him Jap.

He had no clue whatsoever what to do or say and all he was saying is you will have to talk to the sender. I said “look here old Jap” I don’t want to talk to the sender again as I have already spoken to her and I now want to do somethng about the broken package, it is not the senders fault. Jap said “you will have to tak to the sender” I could see I was wasting my time with this idiot so I said “thank you for your none help” and I logged off the chat, it was plain to see they employ foreigners from all over the world to do the chat service and have no clue what they are doing.

All I could do then is let the sender know to ask her to make a claim as she had given me a refund anyway. I just wanted to clear this up and find out who abused my package by playing shot-put with it. I did no more than report it to Hermes and gave a full review of the incident online and on Trust-pilot.

All this boils down to the company (Hermes) are amateurs and employ foreigners and pay them only a few pence per parcel.  I realise the drivers are only on minimum wage too and the Hermes bosses running around it Bentley cars and Rolex watches.

Time these idiots were sorted out because they don’t care where your parcel is as long as they make their money to run their Bentley cars and service their Rolex watches.

I always say if anyone has the money to run a Bentley and a wear a Rolex watch then they are making too much money and not giving the staff enough and this is why they just do not care.