Out of Pocket – Worst Cutomer ‘Service’ EVER

By | September 15, 2018

I have included below my entire frustrating, aggravating and useless contact with Hermes’ so-called ‘Customer Service’. I sent several parcels to an address in Wales recently containing a large number of magazine he had purchased from me from Ebay.  Two of the boxes delivered had already been opened. 14 magazines were missing – I can only now presume stolen? and one was damaged.

I have of course refunded the buyer as this was not his fault and then contacted MyHermes.  I am told that my claim will be rejected if I cannot provide them with photographs of the damaged box!!! I have provided them with the name and phone number of the delivery driver so surely they could just contact their driver to confirm what I am claiming is true.  I am now out of pocket at a time in my life when I am really struggling to make ends meet. Needless to say I would not use this company again if they were the last Courier firm on earth.  There has not been one shred of compassion, common sense or decency in my dealings with these people.


Sarah Selwyn

Reference: 180825-006839

Parcel ID: 9114192253637289

Subject: Boxes delivered opened – items missing

You recently requested assistance through our online support pages. Below is a summary of your request and our response.
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Response By E-mail (Vikram Salvi) (15/09/2018 10.34 AM)
Dear Sarah Selwyn,
Regarding parcel number: 9114192253637289
Thank you for e-mailing us at Hermes.
I am sorry to inform you that we are unable to proceed with the claims investigations without damaged photographs of your package and item.
I would request you to provide us with damaged photographs of your parcel. Please be informed that in case you fail to provide the above details your claim might be declined.
On receipt of this information, your claim will be assessed further.  Note; if no response is received within 7 days in order for us to assess your claim, we will assume you no longer wish to pursue this claim and your incident will be closed.
Kind regards,
Vikram Salvi
Customer Service Advisor
Hermes Claims Department
Customer By CSS E-mail (Sarah Selwyn) (13/09/2018 01.18 PM)

I have still not heard back from you regarding my damaged boxes and missing items. Please could you reply to this as soon as possible.

As I explained in my previous email, I cannot get pictures.

I am beginning to think I am never going to be compensated for my financial loss.  Hermes Customer Service is absolutely appalling. I will be taking this matter further if the situation is not satisfactorily resolved by the end of this working week; 5pm Friday 14th September.

Mrs. S. Selwyn

Response By E-mail (Neel Sawant) (02/09/2018 12.18 PM)
Dear Sarah Selwyn,
Thanks for sending us the claim form about parcel number 9114192253637289
Thank you for providing us with the details of the claim form.
I understand what you are trying to say; however, we are unable to proceed further without the damage photographs.
I would request you to please contact the recipient and ask them to provide us the photographs of the packaging.
To make it easier to get in touch, you can also use our live chat on this link
Kind regards,
Neel Sawant
Customer Service Advisor
Hermes Claims Department
Customer By CSS E-mail (Sarah Selwyn) (01/09/2018 12.40 PM)


Thank you for your reply. Please can you explain to me how I am supposed to take pictures of the damaged boxes when they are over 100 miles away from me with the buyer?

The Hermes driver who delivered the parcels was called Sally and her phone number is 07443 893183. Is it not possible that she could be contacted to confirm that the boxes had indeed been damaged?

Thank you for your help with this.

Best wishes


Response By E-mail (Asmeeta Parkhe) (01/09/2018 08.22 AM)
Dear Sarah Selwyn,
Thanks for sending us the claim form about parcel number 9114192253637289
Thank you for providing us with the details of the claim form.
So we can sort your claim as soon as possible, please could you also send us two photographs of the damage caused to your parcel, one of the whole item, and the other of a close up of the damage. Once we get this we’ll aim to complete your claim within 7 working days.
To make it easier to get in touch, you can also use our live chat on this link
Kind regards,
Asmeeta Parkhe
Customer Service Advisor
Hermes Claims Department
Customer By CSS E-mail (Sarah Selwyn) (30/08/2018 03.27 PM)

Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately the link on your email does not take me to the damage claim form.

I have had to refund £18.62 to the buyer plus £0.99 for a damaged magazine.  The missing items are all used Rugby world Magazines as follows:

The missing magazines are:

August 2006 Ebay reference 173467179651 – value £0.85

September 2006 Ebay reference  173467186006 – value £0.85

November 2006 Ebay reference 173467195340 – value £0.85

february 2007 Ebay reference 173466903094 – value £0.85

March 2007 Ebay reference 173466921517 – value £0.85

January 2008 Ebay reference 173468819409 – value £0.99

December 2009 Ebay reference 173466758037 – value £0.85

May 2008 Ebay reference 173468803314 – value £0.85

June 2008 Ebay reference 173468798233 – value £0.85

February 2009 Ebay reference 173466626184 – value £0.85

May 2009 Ebay reference 17346664669 – value £0.85

June 2009 Ebay reference 173466660431 – value £0.85

November 2009 Ebay reference 173466754692 – value £0.80

July 2009 Ebay reference 173466665038 – value £0.99

Damage to july 2007 Ebay reference 173466976868 – value £0.99

Added to this I have had to refund the cost of postage for one box to the buyer.

Please see below the message I received from the buyer explaining the problem:



Eek we may have a problem – two of the Hermes boxes have arrived opened this morning…. If the mags were boxed as per the eBay invoices then some magazines are missing?!

The first box is serial number 91PNBT 21/08/18, 91-141-92-25363728-9. The box was half empty in as much as it only had 9 mags in it when it arrived. As such it appear to be missing these:
Aug 2006
Sept 2006
Nov 2006
Feb 2007
March 2007
January 2008
December 2009

the second box is serial number 91PNBT 21/08/18 91-141-92-25363738-8. Didn’t seem as obviously bereft of mags as the one above but as per the eBay invoice it would appear that it’s missing these:
May 2008
June 2008
Feb 2009
May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
Nov 2009

July 2007 was there but has been damaged – crease put into front cover [not apparent on auction listing], see enclosed picture, so the box has definitely been opened at some point during transit….

Also I have opened 5 boxes now and there is nothing from the 2010 batch of 12, so presumably there is another box still in transit?

The Hermes driver was Sally, she. She has a number on which you call call her if you need to discuss things further with her.

Shall be interesting to see what Hermes say anyway….



Please could you let me know what I need to do next in order to process a claim for this?

Many thanks

Sarah Selwyn

Response By E-mail (Syed Ali) (30/08/2018 06.55 AM)
Dear SarahSelwyn
Thanks for getting in touch about parcel number 9114192253637289
We’re really sorry that the contents of this parcel have been lost in transit. We do offer cover to help in this situation and we will happily help you through the process of making a claim.
Please check our list of excluded items on the link below before making the claim.
If you’d still like to make this claim, please fill in the following form.  Damage Claim Form
To help us get this sorted as quickly as possible, please also send us the following along with the claim form:
•  For items sold on eBay, the eBay item number
•  For items not sold on eBay, please provide PayPal invoices/ scanned receipts/ screenshots, or a document showing the transaction details.
Once we receive this, we’ll aim to have everything sorted for you within 14 days.
To make it easier to get in touch, you can also use our live chat on this link
Syed Ali
Customer Service Advisor
Hermes Support
Chat By Chat (Aishwarya Galinde) (25/08/2018 01.40 PM)
[01:27:17 PM]Hi, my name is Aishwarya Galinde. How may I help you?
[01:28:16 PM]Sarah Selwyn: Hi. I sent three boxes on 22nd August.  I have since had a message from the person I sent them to to say that two of the boxes were delivered already opened and 14 of the magazines I was sending are now missing.
[01:29:17 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: Hello Sarah, Just to confirm, are the contents of the parcels are missing.
[01:29:45 PM]Sarah Selwyn: some of the contents are missing – yes
[01:30:21 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: Could you please help me with the content of the parcel?
[01:31:24 PM]Sarah Selwyn: Yes. I had sent a number of Rugby World Magazines which a buyer had bought for me from Ebay. Two of the boxes had already been opened when he received them so there are 14 missing Rugby World Magazines
[01:33:26 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: Thank you for the details,.
[01:34:01 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: I’ll send this information to the depot team,. To give enough time for a full sweep of the Depot, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to complete and provide you with a response so we’d greatly appreciate your patience for this and we’ll do our best to find your parcel.
[01:34:47 PM]Sarah Selwyn: Thank you very much. Will someone contact me either way to let me know whether the missing items have been found?
[01:35:56 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: Once we receive a response from the depot team, our support team will contact you with an update via email.
[01:36:22 PM]Sarah Selwyn: That is great. Many thanks. If the items are not found what happens then?
[01:37:37 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: In that case we may ask you to contact the retailer as this parcel is booked through the retailer. However our support team will update you with further details.
[01:38:36 PM]Sarah Selwyn: Okay. lets wait and see if it turns up first then. Thanks for your help today
[01:38:49 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: You’re welcome, Is there anything else I may help you?
[01:39:55 PM]Aishwarya Galinde: I’m sorry but I haven’t heard from you in a while so I’ll now be closing the chat but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more queries. Thank you for contacting Hermes.
[01:39:58 PM]’Sarah Selwyn’ disconnected (‘Concluded by Agent’).