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By | March 1, 2017


I have been given this email to contact someone regarding one of your delivery drivers.
I’m so shocked and upset has to how I’ve been treated by this driver that I wouldn’t usually complain but I can’t let this person get away with this behaviour.
I’ve had the same delivery woman for over a year and my parcels have either gone missing,apparently been left in an outbuilding porch (I don’t have a porch), delivered to me open and ripped (who’s opening them I don’t know.The delivery women says they arrive like that),I get attempted delivery notes every time I have a parcel because the women knocks once,then immediately posts note through and 10 seconds later I open the door to her driving off.
Well on Saturday,knowing this,when she knocked on around 7.30am,I got up,went downstairs (bearing in mind I’m 8 months pregnant) fell down the stairs,stood up straight away has didn’t want to miss my parcel (I was in severe pain then and all day Saturday) opened my door,she was driving off! I must have been 20 seconds if that!
So I rang the number on the note and asked to rearrange delivery,told her I’d fell down the stairs 8 months pregnant to which she replied ‘we can’t stand there waiting for people get out of bed!’
I told her that she hadn’t give chance for me to get to the door and that it happened too often.I was in pain and on the verge of tears so didn’t speak rudely.She then said ‘do you want your parcel or not cus you won’t get it in a min’ and put the phone down.
Five minutes later she was banging on my door,threw the parcel at me and said ‘I’m not coming here again and you’re lucky I came back to give your parcel’.
I said ‘good! And I will report your behaviour’
She said ‘you can’t report me because I’m self employed’. I shut the door. Later that day she sent me a message saying in future,she will leave parcels at door.I ignored text message.
I then today,receive another note through my door from myhermes.I was not in at the time.I have text women to rearrange delivery and she first stated that she wouldn’t deliver it because I spoke to her like dirt and that she refuses to leave parcel outside if I’m not in.She carried on telling me that she is self employed and no one can complain about her because of this ,which is obviously untrue.She still works for a company and is representing them.
She has now told me she can leave parcel with a neighbour or on doorstep in a box.
The whole lot of this has stressed me out so much that I am scared to answer my door now because she is that aggressive in person and texts.
This is so unprofessional and after speaking to other people online it seems it happens a lot.
The women’s name is Karen and her phone number is 07858258530.She covers the area st11 9jr in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire uk.
I would appreciate it if someone could speak to her about her attitude and behaviour towards customers and how she delivers the parcels. I preferably would not want to deal with this women again.If there is another driver for the area then I would want to have them deliver to me instead.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.If you have any questions please contact me.


Miss Daniels

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