The small saga of the incorrectly delivered parcel

By | June 8, 2018

This is the 2nd conversation I had with Hermes, it speakes for itself I think:

Hermes: Hi, my name is Hermes. How may I help you?

Me: Hi Manoj, I reported this parcel as incorrectly delivered a couple of days ago and your agent said it would be picked up the same day. It’s still here. If you want to retrieve it it will be here today after which I will open it to see if I can determine who it belongs to and if I can’ find them I will keep it.


Hermes: I will check this for you


Hermes: I am sorry but cn you try contacting the person it was for maybe they will collect the parcel them selves as this would take time


Me: The the post code and address do not match but it is you responsibility to deliver your parcel not me, I am just taking some responsibility to sort it out.. I can contact your CEO if you think that would be better?

Hermes: No I am just asking you to contact the person who the parcel belongs to so they may prefer to collect the parcel


Me: I don’t who that is, this is not the premises on the address.


Me: This is Davis house, BS16 3JB, It’s for Enterprise House BS16 3AE although those 2 things do not match.


Hermes: If I could provide you the contact details can you contact them?


Me: I could bu that is your responsibility.


Hermes: I understand but that person might be searching for the parcel and it would take time for the collection and delivery so it would be helpful if they could collect they will get the parcel early


Me: Give me their contact details. You should have sorted this out 2 days ago.


Hermes: Yes that is the reason I am advising to contact them as this might take time


Hermes: 7590830999-This is the contact number


Me: I will call now, please stand by


Hermes: I will


Me: I have called twice but no answer. I have sent a text … all the same, why aren’t you calling him?


Hermes: We cannot contact the recipient as the parcel was booked through a retailer the retailer has to contact them,


Hermes: I will also raise this issue and advise the courier to pick up the parcel within 48 hrs


Hermes: For that can you provide me your full address?


Me: You could have called the retailer.


Me: The address here … again, is

Davis House

Lodge Causeway Trading Estate



BS16 3JB


The parcel is easily seen in the foyer.

a Hermes: Thank you for the information I will raise this for you as soon a we end this chat


Hermes: Is there anything else I can help you with?


Me: I note there is a web site called


I have to say I stopped using your service a while back because although you are cheaper than some of the others you make a lot of mistakes and don’t clear them up efficiently. I also don’t like it that I can’t call you. Hermes is losing credibility slowly. You might want to pass this on to whoever might actually take some notice.

Me: Apart from that I’m done!


We appreciate the time you have taken to email your views and comments to us.

Your feedback is extremely important as it enables us to review and improve our services and customer experience.

I have forwarded your comments on to the appropriate manager.

Hermes: Thank you for contacting us at myHermes and have a good day.

Me: Bye, have a good weekend

Hermes: Goodbye you too have a good weekend