Untrustworthy Delivery

By | November 6, 2019

I booked to send three boxes from my friend’s home in London UK to me in Marseille France this July. The addresses are clear and both mobile numbers for the collection and the delivery were added for the contact. The parcels were collected on 29th July, and the “out for delivery” was updated to the online tracking on 3rd August. Then a horrible experience started. I received nothing. After neither call nor update online about any delivery attempt for about a week, I requested the investigation. Since then, every update email per week kept telling me no news. The update email received on 10th September still said no news, however a new update appeared in the online tracking on 11th September saying “Received at Depot”. 7 days later (on 17th September) the email from the investigation said the investigation was fully done and my parcels were lost. That email also requested me to make a claim.  I went to the online chat to ask for an explanation for this contradictory information and about what the investigation did. The person from Hermes who answered me was Maria R. At the end of the online chat she promised to contact Depot and then gave me a reply within one or two days. Again, no news from Hermes. On 3rd October, I logged on the online chat again and the person from Hermes this time was Faye. All I got from Faye was that she tried to make non-logical excuses for the irresponsibility of the company and thus the failure of the delivery. She was trying to end the case by leading me to make a claim of the loss of my parcels. The first information from Faye was that the delivery failed so the parcels returned to Depot. When I quoted from Hermes’ website that the courier should make three attempts of delivery and leaving call or message but I received no call, she claimed that there was no such rule and asked me to show her. When I confronted her by the link, she then said this rule was for Hermes UK not for Hermes International. When I asked her if both were the same company, she then gave me an excuse that the couriers were different. However, I have found that the three-attempts delivery is in general terms of the company. She also forced me to make a claim by saying that if the sender didn’t receive any parcel 14 days after the return to Depot, my parcels were lost so that I should make a claim. But when I asked her why the email telling the lost of my parcels were sent only 7 days after my parcels returned to Depot according to the online tracking, she never answered this question. When I asked why the investigation kept telling me no news but a lot of things happened there, she didn’t answer this question either. She claimed Hermes was an online based service but in fact the online tracking is completely a lack of information so that there is no way to follow my parcels by that. She also used the online based service as an excuse to deny my request to make a call for the return and she refused to tell me how to contact Depot and how Depot made the return. Before the end of the online chat, Faye’s colleague took over the chat and promised to contact Depot and give me an answer within one or two days. Again, I have received no news by now. So far there is shown no information about any attempt of the return in the online tracking. I can’t believe any actual return attempt has been done. I keep all emails, the records of the online chats and the screenshot of the online tracking record. At the moment, I just want the company to keep my parcel record in the system and make the return done. This can’t be simpler.