Was the parcel “destroyed” or stolen???

By | December 30, 2018

We sold an item to a lady through our online shop – it was too far away for us to deliver so we used Hermes to send it. It was packaged up well with care and attention to detail (I should probably add that when we bought it, we recieved it through the post!).

They came and took it away no problem but it never arrived!! Our buyer contacted Hermes and was told there was a problem with delivery but no further information was supplied.

After trying to contact them (and hours of going round and around in circles), we were told the delivery was unsuccessful and the parcel was destroyed!

Ringing customer services is simply a waste of time, after pressing various numbers to get to the department you need…. An automated voice tells you to look at the website.

I tried their ‘live chat’ option a few times, with mixed results. The first time, i was (eventually) told it was a prohibited item (it wasn’t) and therefore i couldn’t have compensation, promised a phone call and they disconnected. They second time they told me that the documentation they have stated it was damaged, deemed unsafe and therefore destroyed. When I asked to see the report/photos/any evidence i was told i wasn’t allowed to there would be no compensation, promised a phone call from management and they disconnected. The third time, i was simply told to expect a phone call and that they had no information, i was assured though that there is no compensation. Three very different answers to one simple question – can i have my parcel back? I am not interested in gaining compensation, i know that the item was on the no claim list! I am simply furious that my property has gone missing and wont be given back!

I have no idea what to do or who to turn to next- their complaint system is ridiculous, its obviously been created to make you give up.